Custom Pet Urn: More than Ashes is Kept
Custom Pet Urn: More than Ashes is Kept

Custom Pet Urn: More than Ashes is Kept

We let our pets not only into our homes but also into our hearts. But even all our love cannot hold them forever. For all pet parents, the moment comes inevitably when our fluffy babies go to the Rainbow Bridge. And then it is necessary to decide what to do with the remains and to say goodbye with dignity.

Burial or cremation. Scatter the ashes over your dog’s favorite meadow or save it in a memorial urn. There is no single rule. Everyone can do what his heart tells. But if you decide to leave a piece of your favorite creature in your home, you can save the pet’s ashes in a custom urn. A ceramic urn with a hand-painted portrait will immortalize your pet’s unique image and personality traits.

Custom cremation urn with pet portrait

I added a new product to my store. This is a custom pet urn

I personalized this pet urn for Amanda by painting a portrait of her adored baby Carmela.

I sincerely wish all the friends of my RUNO ART workshop that their fluffy children are healthy, happy, and live longer. But if you know someone who has lost a pet, I would be happy to try to help create a memorial urn and share the pain of loss a little.

Dog hand-painted portrait

To create the urn, I use ceramic containers with a bamboo lid that closes tightly. I paint the portrait on the urn exclusively by hand, using acrylic paints. No printing! Only handmade. I cover the drawing with several layers of protective varnish. I currently have small cremation urns (4 “high and 4” diameter) suitable for small pets such as small dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, guinea pigs, hamsters, or other small animals. In such an urn, you can also store a pet’s Fur or a curl from a horse’s mane. When placing an order for a personalized urn with a portrait of a pet, you can choose the color of the urn – pink, white or black.

Each of my clients is important to me, but orders of memorial gifts that are associated with the loss of a pet are especially anxious for me. I try to fulfill such an order as soon as possible. Especially if this is an order for an urn for a pet’s ashes. You can expect that, if necessary, you will receive your order within a week after payment.

Check out our memorial urns here and order a unique custom pet urn with a hand-painted portrait of a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or other pet from a photo.

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